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Coweta County Court is also known as the Coweta County probate courts. The court is located in downtown Newnan. The Coweta County Probate Court exclusively exercise original jurisdiction in the probate of wills, administration of estates, appointment of guardians and involuntary hospitalization of incapacitated adults and other individuals. A number of different proceedings may be filed court following the death of a Georgia resident or a non-resident owning property in the State of Georgia. In return the Court provides the petitioner with is a standard form.

The Coweta Probate Court also has jurisdiction over the appointment and supervision of guardians of adult persons found to be incapacitated by reason of physical or mental illness to such an extent that the adult is no longer capable of making reasonable and rational decisions concerning his or her person or of managing his or her money and property. In addition, all probate court judges administer oaths of office and issue marriage licenses. A marriage license is only issued if both parties are sound minded, have no living spouse from an undissolved prior marriage, and is not related in a degree prohibited by law. If both parties are under the age of 18 they may only apply with parental consent of the underage party or parties. Both parents must give written consent unless his/her rights have been terminated by an Order of a court

Contact information:

Coweta County Probate Court
22 East Broad Street
Newman, GA.
Phone: (770) 254-2640
Fax: (770) 254-2648


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